HiFi America Episode #1 Join us as we travel from Baltimore to Nashville to prepare to tour every record store in the area!

Get ready to tour almost EVERY RECORD STORE in Nashville & Memphis plus some other great music related museums and shops; all during season one of HiFi America!
Season one features us traveling from Baltimore to Nashville
Then to Memphis where we visit…
Goner Records Tour… https://youtu.be/gDnPupDVx6U
Martin Music… http://www.martinmusicguitar.com/
Shangri-La Records… http://shangri.com/
Sun Studio… https://www.sunstudio.com/
Stax Museum… https://staxmuseum.com/

We then travel back to Nashville to visit…
Grimey’s… https://www.grimeys.com/
The Groove… https://thegroovenashville.com/
Luna Records… http://www.lunarecordshop.com/
Vinyltap… http://www.vinyltapnashville.com/
The Great Escape… https://thegreatescapeonline.com/
&Vinyl… https://andvinyl.com/
Phonoluxe Records… https://www.facebook.com/phonoluxerecords/
Alison’s Records… https://www.alisonsrecordshop.com/
Elevator Vinyl… https://www.facebook.com/elevatorvinyltn
JTB’s Groovy Record Room… https://www.facebook.com/JTBs-Groovy-Record-Room-218249154912266/

New episodes are released every Saturday & Sunday during October 2020 & November 2020, with the entire documentary style video of the entire series releasing on Thanksgiving!

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More info on Record Store Day is Everyday in Nashville & Memphis

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