Get out-of-bounds in Memphis to eat and shop where the locals go. First stop, Alchemy in the Cooper-Young neighborhood of Memphis. Alchemy may be new, but they’ve got group of fanatics that swear by their small plates, fresh cocktails and innovative dishes. We’re talking good stuff too – how ’bout some crispy skin braised pork belly, curried black lentil caviar and turnip pickles? We can dig this!

Fill both your ears with real Memphis music on Beale Street. Some of the greatest music ever made was birthed right here in Memphis on Beale Street. Take a walk on the wild side with artists like B.B. King, Isaac Hayes, Rufus Thomas and more. Party your heart out in front of bands playing their hearts out at clubs like Rum Boogie Cafe, King’s Palace and The New Daisy Theater. Beale Street is a must-do in Memphis.

Don’t give up on us now, we’ve got a late night spot called Raiford’s Disco that you won’t believe. At this disco time-warp there’s music, there’s dancing, there’s lights, camera’s and action! All colors, shapes and sizes flock to Raiford’s nightclub.

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