More info on Memphis, TN (beautiful downtown) filmed by DJI drone

  • What Did That Building Used to Be? Edwards & LeBron Jewelry

    Chattanooga was a hubbub of activity during the week of September 15, 1913. The Chattanooga News reported that electric power would be produced at the new Hale’s Bar Dam within a few weeks.

  • Chester Martin Remembers Harrisburg, Ga.

    It was the new TAG Railroad of 1890 that created Harrisburg, Georgia, a small station that was very near where my father, Woodfin Ballenger Martin, was born in 1884. As a 6-year-old boy his ...

  • Taking the Great American Roadtrip

    The site was walking distance from my downtown hotel. Surrounded by trees ... of what seemed to me a melancholy city. All the way to Memphis I dodged the big scary trucks, and also realized ...

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