on the wide open road with my side kick Panda and Jakebrake they are my best friends they are toy poodles. we travel all over the usa from sea to sea border to border. we make videos of are day weather its going down the road or taking a break. just having fun, and we want to share this with you. so please come and lets have some fun. me and Panda and Jakebrake we are family. we our inviting you in are truck and become are family to thank you. we love you all.

My support page is just away that I can keep the video going and the equipment update. thiers no obligation but if you like to help it very much appreciate. It’s not for personal use. remember if you donate that makes you a partner on the trucker jukebox channel. thank you very much. From the trucker jukebox poobear and the Jakebrake Show. https://goo.gl/dWuo9z

We have a little country store if you would like a trucker jukebox shirt or other from our store, if you would like something and its not in the store let me know we can have it made specially

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