The story about, A Memphis Tn Business Success

The story of Sweet-Shirt is one part providence, one part inspiration. If nothing, it is the story of one woman’s venture into business while balancing home, family, work, and a career as a musical artist!

Sweet-Shirt was founded by Jill Dyson as the result of what was meant to be a one-time fund-raising effort: selling jeweled t-shirts to help pay the way to a music conference. However, the shirts she sold were so unique and appealing, popular demand forced her to continue. The business that resulted is what you see, here, and a network of loyal customers growing by word of mouth in ever-widening circles.

Sweet-Shirt officially became “SweeT-shirt” in Summer of 2006. Most of the T-shirt designs are now original “Shelly Crais” designs. These are locally made on high quality great fitting t-shirts!

We are now donating 10% of profits to an organization called Oasis of Hope . This is a local organization run by Hope Presbyterian Church and it focuses on supporting one particular community in North Memphis. We felt strongly about contributing to an organization in the Memphis area that served the Memphis Community. We felt this organization supported SweetT-shirt’s own “Spread Joy” mission as well, which is just about being kind, sharing a smile and a kind word or lending a hand to those you encounter who needs it, even on the smallest scale.

We also will work with organizations to develop custom designs to sell, giving a portion of those sales to the charity of their choice or custom designs can be used as a fund raiser for them, such as schools etc….

We have been told and truly believe that these jeweled shirts are your “happy clothes” the one in your closet that make you smile when you put them on. That is what we keep in mind with each step we take. We keep the designs simple, most are inspirational, and some just plain fun. We keep the price right too! At -34 for Adult and Children Jeweled fashion T-s aprons and Totes, you can’t go wrong!

Telephone: 901-857-3533 901-737-0988 Email: [email protected]

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