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More info on Voodoo Village – Everyone Vanished

  • The last of Transylvania’s Saxons

    The Saxons first arrived in Romania’s Transylvania region in the 12th Century, but over the past few decades the community has all but vanished from the region. On a scorching summer day in the ...

  • ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’: How Did Thanos’ Snap Impact Zendaya’s MJ?

    It’s only after that point that our heroes perform some time travel voodoo and restore everyone who vanished. The only problem is, the rest of the world aged and moved on, but those who returned are ...

  • London - Voodoo Village

    Our friends at Voodoo Village send us links that consistently make us question how in the wide world of sports they have time to find all this shit. Answer: they spend their entire lives in their ...

  • New Restaurant: VooDoo Daddy's Steam Kitchen for Fast-Casual Cajun

    Walk into the new VooDoo Daddy’s Steam Kitchen ... and [the chefs] don't have to take it out of a precooked pot that's already seasoned," Lynch says. "Not everyone's the same, and you get to choose it ...

  • How Much Hip Can the Desert Absorb?

    Some of the work is designed to confound, like Mr. Ashkenazy’s “Drive In,” which is filled with rusted-out cars and looks like a scene from the “Twilight Zone” episode in which everyone on earth has ...

  • 27 Things You Don’t Know About Voodoo

    Voodoo priests and priestesses are called hougan and mambo, respectively. While the tradition of being a priest or priestess is often passed from one generation to another in a family, not everyone ...

  • The Truth About Voodoo Village

    Memphis’ Voodoo Village is known for its sculptures ... He doesn't expect, or necessarily want everyone to understand what the symbols mean or what the place means to him and his family. They’re tired ...

  • Voodoo alive in South Carolina

    A sign used to grace the entrance to this place, Oyotunji, alerting visitors that they were leaving the United States and entering a sacred Yoruba voodoo village. That hand-lettered ... when he told ...

  • Voodoo Sex Ritual Ends Badly

    A voodoo sex ritual seems like a good idea, until the candles on the floor get knocked over, igniting sheets and the discarded clothes of those involved in the voodoo sex ritual, who of course don’t ...

  • Maxwell Returns. So Do the Giant Panties.

    After 2000’s cataclysmically orgasmic Voodoo, D’Angelo had vanished as well, and the intervening years ... “Get your asses up out them damn seats!” he bellows, and everyone does; he grabs his ...

  • London - Voodoo Village

    Our friends at Voodoo Village send us links that consistently make us question how in the wide world of sports they have time to find all this shit. Answer: they spend their entire lives in their ...

  • Survivors mourn the dead of a vanished village

    The poor who died will be remembered only as faint memories from the vanished village. "I remember Madame Roget," says ... "I can't remember his name but everyone knew his face - he was missing most ...

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