3 friends spending 3 days in Memphis…

Day 1:
· Gibson’s Donuts
· Jerry’s Sno Cone
· Broad Avenue: Falling Into Place, Five-In-One Social Club, The Liquor Store
· Civil Axe
· Dinner at Next Door
· Art Bar at Crosstown Arts
· Amurica Photo Booth at Crosstown
· Atomic Tiki
· Blue Moon Review Burlesque at Mollie Fontaine’s Lounge

Day 2:
· Lunch at Bar-B-Q Shop
· Overton Square: Murals, 17 Berkshire, Bosco’s
· Sun Studio Tour
· Rockabilly Rides Tour
· Trolley Ride
· The Arcade
· The Hu. Roof Top
· Daz Rinko Show

Day 3:
· Lunch at Chef Tam’s
· Cooper-Young: Bluff City Soap, Goner Records, Fox + Cat Vintage
· Biking and Scooters on the riverfront and downtown
· Dinner and S’mores at Loflin Yard
· Sunset at the Hu. Rooftop
· The Pocket
· EArnestio

Music: Daz Rinko “New Whip, Who Dis?”

Mural Credits:
· I Love Memphis at Memphis Made Brewery: @nosey42, Brandon Marshall
· Alligator at Eclectic Eye: @birdcap, Michael Roy
· Hi Records’ Willie Mitchell on G.E. Patterson: @kyletaylorart, Kyle Taylor
· Guitar Case on Main Street: @damonlamarreed, Damon Lamar Reed; @pugsatomz Pugs Atomz
· I Am A Man on South Main: @marcellouslovelace, Macellous (with BLK75) Lovelace
· Rendezvous Alley: @nosey42, Brandon Marshall
· Purple Lady on Broad Ave: @qwynto
· Skateboard butterfly wings on Main Street: @AlivePaint, Jamond Bullock; @flightoffancyco Joseph Boyd

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