Railfanning across Arkansas & Memphis TN! 6-3/5/9/11/13/15-20

Another regional railfanning video with a little bit of everything included, like both CSX and UP EMD Tier-4 Leaders, the last active UP SD60M, switching ops by the Little Rock Port Authority, Arkansas Midland and CN, a powermove of BNSF SD70MACs and 3GS21Bs headed for scrap, a few brand new BNSF GEVOs, Amtrak 42 leading a rare daylight NB Eagle and a couple clips of the SMGME-05 movement of Artemis Booster Rockets to Cape Canaveral FL!
1st Train:
CSX ST70AH 8908
UP AC45CCTE 8045
CSX ES44AH 733
2nd Train:
UP AC45AH 8202
UP SD60M 2414
3rd Train:
GMTX GP38-2 2103
LRPA GP15-1 2014
4th Train:
AKMD GP35 2502
AKMD GP8 400
5th Train:
UP GP60 1013
6th Train:
UP AC45CCTE 7382
UP AC45CCTE 7527
7th Train:
UP SD70AH-T4 3069
UP AC45CCTE 5476
(DPU) UP AC45CCTE 5430
8th Train:
IC (CN) GP38-2 9621
9th Train:
NS SD70ACe 1107
NS SD70ACe 1132
BNSF 3GS21B 1273
BNSF 3GS21B 1277
10th Train:
BNSF ES44C4 3258
BNSF ES44C4 6888
BNSF C44-9W 4749
BNSF ES44DC 7637
11th Train:
BNSF ES44C4 3268
BNSF ES44C4 3250
BNSF ES44C4 6904
12th Train:
AMTK P42DC 42 (Veterans Unit)
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