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More info on The Israelites: The L.G.B.T Will Not Stop The Word Of God

  • Haredi power - The metaphysics of Israeli politics

    United Torah Judaism – may not have a large number of seats in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, they are wielding a great deal of power in that they are guaranteeing Netanyahu’s Likud ...

  • Shefa: The Jewish ‘secret’

    The opinions, facts and any media content in them are presented solely by the authors, and neither The Times of Israel ... Be careful not to radiate what you don’t want. Use words that express ...

  • God has not forgotten you

    Glory be to God. We started January, saw the end of January and now we are saying goodbye to February 2021. It could only be God that has kept us alive. All Praises be to the Lord. Brethren, the ...

  • Walking in freedom (5)

    Therefore, if God, our father, is an eagle (father) and we are born again children of God, we can’t be ducks. In Exodus 19:4-5, God told the Israelites ... the word of God has not been ...

  • Righting a world turned upside down: Purim & Parashat Tetzaveh

    The opinions, facts and any media content in them are presented solely by the authors, and neither The Times of Israel nor its ... the hiddenness of God, humanity would not understand that we ...

  • How to Trust God Again after Your Divorce

    We want Him to come to the rescue and give us our old life back (to the happier times in our marriage) but that’s not always part of His plan. For the Israelites ... though God’s Word no ...

  • Who or what is a false prophet?

    Are we then to brand someone a false prophet because, in sincerity of heart and after much prayer, they wrongly prophesied Trump’s reelection? Are we to put them in the class of wolves in sheep’s ...

  • Israelis, In God’s Name, Why?

    If the Berlin Rabbi’s words are true, then why has there not been a single outcry ... Israelis, in God’s name, when will you stop your incremental genocide against a helpless and powerless ...

  • How should we respond to the Ravi Zacharias scandal?

    There was no time to pray, no time to prepare your thoughts, no time even to rest and recover. Yet the Spirit worked through you. Soon enough, this becomes a habit. No prayer. No preparation. Just ...

  • The Home We Build Together

    First, it outlines the construction of the Tabernacle (Mishkan), the portable House of Worship the Israelites built ... that Moses had to order them to stop. A remarkable proposition is being framed ...

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