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We learn that jews control the p0rn industry which not only ruined Edward’s marriage, but it also ruined the whit3 [email protected] according to him
Song: https://soundcloud.com/mind_blank901
Article: https://www.splcenter.org/fighting-hate/extremist-files/individual/james-edwards

More info on All About the Political Cesspool and James Edwards (Local [email protected] Radio Show, Memphis TN)

  • Report: Tennessee Taxpayers Pay for White Nationalists' Security

    MuckRock reporter Hoover said, for now, taxpayers have to pay for all that protection ... a former KKK Grand Wizard, and James Edwards, host of the Bartlett-based radio show called "The Political ...

  • We’re Not in Lake Wobegon Anymore

    By the way, Ed, you're doing a great job with Scott and my hat is off to you. It would seem to be a waste of time, but I'm counting on all the folks who read these things and don't post to take ...

  • White Noise

    Duke's group had only been kicked out of Whispering Woods at this point, a venue he'd learned about from James Edwards, the Memphis-based host of "The Political Cesspool," a website and radio program ...

  • Everything's Gonna Be All White

    Later in the day, Johnson gleefully updates: Major Obama donors went to the campaign demanding explanations after the posting of my story on No Quarter about the contents of the videotape confirmed to ...

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