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Memphis Vacation Destinations

When you think of vacationing, let Memphis come to mind.  This is an area that people think about when someone mentions Graceland.  Yes, it is a big part of the city and the culture.  Memphis thrives with many things though.  Come for yourself and see.

We all know that when someone mentions Memphis, everyone thinks about Graceland.  It is a well-known part of Memphis history and what many people associate with Tennessee.  Don’t admit it if you are not a fan of the king and have never come to Memphis because you thought that going to Graceland was all there was to do.  Believe it or not, Memphis has many things to do and places to go.  You may want to plan your trip accordingly so you can get it all in.


If you have never been to Memphis you may not know where to start.  There is a lot to do, including Graceland.  It is what puts Memphis on the map.  The 14-acre estate of Elvis is toured by thousands every year.  You do not even have to be a fan of Elvis to enjoy Graceland.  The Graceland Mansion sits on Elvis Presley Boulevard atop a hill in the suburb of Whitehaven.  It was originally a five hundred-acre farm that was used during the American Civil War.  Taking a tour of this mansion is very fun.  You will see the dining room, music room, TV room, and billiard room.  As you walk through you will hear an audio narration.  The only area you can’t visit is the upstairs, as this was Elvis’s private sanctum when he was alive.

Memphis Graceland

If visiting Graceland and you were a devoted fan of the “King,” be sure to visit the Meditation Garden.  This is where Elvis and his family have been laid to rest.  Seeing the gravesite can be very emotional for some people.  After walking through the home of Elvis and seeing how he lived when he was alive, seeing his grave can be humbling and a time that you will always cherish.

Memphis Blues Festival

After seeing the mansion of the King himself, Memphis offers you many more things to do while vacationing in the beautiful town.  If you plan your vacation accordingly, you can be there during the Memphis Blues Festival.  This month-long event, also known as Memphis in May is called the Beale Street Music Festival.  Legendary greats have been known to play, including BB King, James Brown, Ray Charles, and Jerry Lee Louis.

The Memphis Blues Festival goes on all year long and depending on who you want to hear will depend on when you need to arrive.  The Juneteenth Freedom Festival celebrates blues and gospel music.  There is also a carnival, golf tournament, and vendors that partake in the celebration.  The Memphis Music and Heritage Festival is a celebration of music food and arts.  It celebrates the area’s music so locals and visitors can get out and commemorate the city’s famous musicians and talent.

Beale Street

As you walk down Blue Street, also known as Beale Street, you will be walking down a major historical landmark.  The musical history behind this street is one you will learn all about when making your way down it.  Plan your vacation for Memphis.

Memphis Zoo

If you love zoos and parks, then you will love the Memphis Zoo.  You will see five hundred species of animals and over 3,000 individual animals.  You can take part in interactive animal shows, see exhibits and watch the trainers feed the animals.   You can visit the Discovery Center and hop on the rides at the zoo too.  There are three zones in the Memphis Zoo and Aquarium.  The East Zone includes the African Veldt, waterfowl, and the Northwest Passage.  The Central Zone houses the primate canyon.  Here you will see Cat Country, Hippos and creatures of the night.  Finally, there is the West Zone.  Enjoy the aquarium, the playful penguins, and the farm.  Don’t forget to stop by the tropical birdhouse.

Mud Island

After a day at the zoo, plan on a trip to Mud Island.  There is always something going on there and it is a great place to take the kids.  Mud Island has 5,000 seats ascending up the bank of the island.  The amphitheater hosts concerts and fun events there all year long.  Gaze at the stars and take in the Memphis skyline as you sit back and listen to the sounds of the bands entertaining you.

Mud Island River Park has plenty of things to do by day as well.  The Memphis Yacht Club is located there and is the only one within 200 miles.  You can rent canoes, kayaks, pedal boats, and bicycles.  Another interesting thing that you can do is walk the River Walk.  This is a five-block-long replica of the Mississippi River.  You will be walking one mile of the actual Mississippi River with every thirty-inch step you take.  Mud Island is a perfect place to go.

Memphis Botanic Garden

If you love the outdoors and want more things to put on your itinerary, make sure you go to the Memphis Botanic Garden.  This stunning garden has 23 specialty gardens that cover 96 acres.  The Japanese Gardens is a favorite of many and includes ponds with goldfish and little bridges.  Check the month-by-month blooming calendar to see which are blooming when you are visiting.  Pick your favorite flower and plan your trip then.

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