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Speaker 2: 30 40 pounds the next guest can help. Even if you need to lose more than that, he can help you live a better life and live a healthier life year round along with that, spreading it into your family to help them live their best lives. Welcome this morning, Dr. Keith Amodeo with Collierville weight loss to tell us how it’s not just about a magic pill. Right

You’re right. Amy. Thank you so much for having me. First off, but that’s what a lot of people think you. I want to eat this magic pill and the weight’s going to come off, right. There’s a lot that needs to change. Yes. Has to be a lifestyle change to get healthy. Right. We were just talking about in the intro, you know all the weight that we’re losing 10 20 pounds and we were talking off camera about how it’s just not about the weight.

Speaker 2: That’s exactly right. It’s about our knee pain, the way we feel our chronic fatigue do we have depression As we lose weight, we want to address those issues as well because it’s overall health. The scale is fun. It’s exciting to see it go down. Yes. Well, we want those qualitiy of life issues to go up as well because the scale is just a unit of measurement. I love. Okay. Say that again, cause I was just a unit of measurement. You can drive yourself crazy looking at it, but if you’re telling me you’re feeling better, your clothes are fitting better, your sex drive is out, whatever it may be. Those are issues. Those are quality of life issues that I want to see change. Yeah, because unfortunately Dr. Amodeo I don’t think I’m alone in saying this. The scale for me, if I get on the scale and it’s heavy, I’m going to have a crappy day.

Speaker 2: If I get on the scale and it today on I’m going to have a great day, but you’re saying it doesn’t need to be. Right. I always talk to patients every day about separating those two things. Weight can fluctuate obviously. As long as we’re turning downward. Right, We’re getting off medication. Yeah. He’s going away. I go back to that word, quality of life’s going on holiday of life because you can drive yourself crazy. You know, during the weight loss process, the scale will fluctuate. It’s not about a good day or a bad day. It’s about doing the right things over and over to get into a goal. And in doing the right things, you write about that a lot in your book. We’re talking about, um, doing things that you can do for the rest of your life. Right, I always tell patients this has to be something real life wonderful.

Speaker 2: As I said, you can’t eat prepackaged food for the rest of the life. You can’t count calories for the rest of your life. Yeah. You don’t want to be sitting there at Thanksgiving dinner with a Jenny Craig packet here by yourself and you don’t want to do that in her little muffin. And it has to be real life. And that’s what we’re really after is a lifestyle change. And really what we’re talking about Africa era to his folks on getting off these medications. And I really dressed in these diabetes patients that runs so rampant here in Memphis where we specialize in lately. So that’s what I’m really focused on. But all other health conditions to heart disease, these statin drugs, they’re not good for you. All drugs have side effects. Patients aren’t dumb anymore. They know they turn on the news there every time they turn on the news there’s a lawsuit or somebody you know there’s going on with all these drugs.

Speaker 2: Absolutely. I always tell patients the less stuff we can take, the better off. We’ll be very good. And you actually ask your patients doctor Amodeo to bring things in with you that they’re taking and you tell the story and I think it never gets old about the lady that came in a bag full of pills and, and it’s like, golly, how are you living your best life when you have to take all this medicine And that’s really funny. Yesterday when I was office, you talk about a bag full of pills. I lie, you brought a bin and it was a bin. You are kidding pills. And I just asked her symbol, do you think that’s healthy or not healthy She just looked at it. I pushed it away. She’s like, I’m done with this. She couldn’t do it anymore. I was so we couldn’t get off everything.

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