Top 10 Best Tourist Places in Nashville

Nashville Road Trip

Dubbed as the “ Music City, USA ” due to its legendary Country music scene, Nashville is the jewel in the crown of the state of Tennessee. Being the largest city in the said state, Nashville is also a tourist hub. Tourists from all over the world come to Nashville to witness the city and its numerous attractions. There are architectural marvels, historic museums, iconic music venues, and a bustling Downtown that promises prosperity to Nashville’s citizens. With so much to see and do, it is no wonder Nashville is a favorite among travelers.

10) Belle Meade Plantation

Built by John Harding in the 1820s and then later remodeled in Greek Revival style by General William Giles Harding, Belle Meade Plantation was a 5400-acre state that had over 100 slaves working on it. At that time the plantation had a Deer Park, a breeding place for Thoroughbred Horses, and a Winery. It was one of the most famous locations where important figures came to enjoy their life.

In the present time, the Belle Meade Plantation is reduced to 30 acres and is a renowned museum. It still contains a winery and the original mansion and the rebuilt slave quarters. Visitors come here to take a peek in the past of Nashville so should you.

9) Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art

Home of the historic Cheek family of Nashville, Tennessee this garden is a 55-acre state that was originally intended as a personal retreat from the busy world. Later in the 1950s, it was decorated as a Botanical garden, and its beautifully designed American-style limestone building was converted into an art museum.

This museum holds almost 600 pieces of American art from famous artists. In spring the gardens are lined with a beautiful assortment of flowers ranging from tulips to Japanese maples. A quiet place to study and ponder, this green wonderland is a marvel where nature blooms and man-made structures sleep in harmony.

8) Nashville Zoo

Everyone is young at heart and this young heart needs nourishment which the Nashville Zoo will provide in plenty. This zoo was established in 1996 so it’s relatively young but it is rapidly expanding. All kinds of fascinating creatures call this zoo their home. You will find some of the rarest animals like Clouded Leopards and Red Pandas.

In a section of the zoo called the Zoo Central, you will be going on an unseen journey where you will come face to face with Reptiles, Aquatic Life, and Birds. Kids can also ride animals in Jungle Loop, another of the sections of the zoo. Nashville Zoo has something for everyone.

7) Ryman Auditorium

Ryman Auditorium has over a century of history of artists performing on its stage. From country giants like Johnny Cash to The eclectic Elvis Presly famous singers have entertained the crowd in this auditorium. To this day the Auditorium holds regular musical shows and performances.

Visitors can walk on stage, visit the dressing rooms of stars and even record their own rendition of their favorite songs in the recording studio. A visit to this historic place is sure to keep you captivated.

6) Tennessee State Museum

Tennessee State Museum situated near Downtown Nashville contains the countries biggest collection of Civil War artifacts. With a permanent exhibition space of 5500 sq ft, it contains historic relics from ancient to modern times. Ancient Indian era, Spanish as well as English and French colonial age and most importantly pre-Civil War artifacts are the biggest attraction of this museum.

The museum also contains replicas of Confederate cannons and an original revolver of a soldier who went on to become a grand wizard. Jammed packed with history Tennessee State Museum is among the best attractions of Nashville.

5) Grand Ole Opry

Grand Ole Opry is not only Nashville’s but it is one of the countries most historic stages. The radio show that made Country music famous calls Grand Ole Opry it’s home. It is also the countries longest-running radio show. Visitors can enjoy the excitement of live shows or can enjoy guided tours backstage where they can stare inside the glittery lives of former and current music legends.

Visitors can also walk on the oak stage that has seen all the action through all those years. It is just a little distance away from Downtown Nashville. History will hit you hard once you enter the hall but it will be a sweet historic punch.

4) Lane Motor Museum

Located a few kilometers to the South of Downtown Nashville, Lane Motor Museum is the United States’ biggest European car and motorbike exhibit. With a collection of over 300 cars half of which are on display at any given time, this museum will leave your mouth wide open as you gaze upon the beauty of these mechanical wonders. The museum holds cars of almost every style.

There are three-wheelers, propeller-driven cars, cars that can function on both water and land, and cars that can leave you astounded with their speed. To top it all of almost all of these cars are in working order and if you are lucky you might end up with one as the museum sometimes sells its exhibits.

3) Tennessee State Capitol

Located in the center of Downtown Nashville, the Tennessee State Capitol is the seat of power for the state of Tennessee. The building was inspired by ancient Greek temples of Athens and its stately columns impose a striking image. Visit during the working days to see the legislative process underway.

You can take a free-of-cost guided tour to explore the Governor’s room and also the senate hall. Statues of former US Presidents adorn the grounds beside the building. To learn more about the history visit the adjacent museum which is just a couple of minutes away from the Capitol.

2) Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

Like a temple preaching country music, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum is a sacred place for country music fans. With rooms full of iconic musical artifacts including over 600 instruments and over 800-star costumes this place breaths country.

Containing a staggering 98 percent of all music predating the war this museum establishes Nashville as the country music capital of the United States. Visitors can take interactive exhibits depicting the history of country music in all its harmonical glory. A visit to this place will be well worth the time.

1) The Parthenon

Nashville is dubbed as “ The Athens of the south ” due to this monumental feat of engineering. It is the World’s only full-sized replica of the ancient temple of Athens whose ruins still reside to this day atop the Acropolis. The temple contains a 13-meter tall statue of the Greek goddess Athena covered in gold leaf. It is the largest indoor statue of its kind in the west.

The Parthenon offers a rare glimpse into the life of thousands of years passed. In summer this temple becomes the backdrop of a number of theatrical performances depicting classical Greek plays. So sit back and enjoy your journey into the ancient world while you are visiting The Parthenon in Downtown Nashville.

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