Miley Cyrus & Marc Cohn “Walking In Memphis” (Live from Memphis TN 05-04-19)

This very special moment was a total surprise at the Beale Street Music Festival. We had only known Miley Cyrus was coming for about a day and Marc Cohn just wasn’t announced at all. Such an amazing moment. I’d been waiting to hear Marc perform this song live for so long living in this area but it just doesn’t happen often (read his Wikipedia to see why, he was actually shot in the head at one point during a carjacking, wow). Made me so happy!! Normally I have a camera that I record these with but unfortunately it broke after 9 years of concert recordings today so I had to record this iconic moment with my cellphone. I do hope better video/audio surfaces somewhere. In the meantime, here this is recorded by me from the audience with my cell. I’ll be sharing a number of performances recorded from the audience from the Beale Street Music Festival 2019 right here on so please subscribe to my Youtube channel here and like/follow us on your other favorite social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc). Also please see a gofundme set up for my mom. She was initially given 2 years to live. That was 3 years ago but she still needs your help more than ever. See for more info

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