Memphis Tennessee Protester’s Under Attack by Police

Ethic Radio Archive Reels Presents
Awareness video of Memphis Tennessee Protester’s Attack by Police

You have the right to protest! You have the right to be mad! This is the arrest video from last night and it breaks down as follows:
MPD violently tackle activist Barbara Buress.

It is important to note that Buress is being charged with kicking a officer in the face but she is tackled by multiple officers with one grabbing her legs as the others held her down, you be the judge.

Activists Patrick Ghantand Terri Conley are cuffed. Theryn C. Bond is pulled from my arms and I am pushed by officers as they put her in cuffs. Officer targets Hunter Demster and says “get him!” Officer points Hunter out of the crowd who is on the sidewalk. Hunter is arrested for standing on a sidewalk.
The same officer who pointed Hunter out the crowd points at me and says “which one, this one?” I tell the officer that I am the media and at he tells Them “I don’t care.” Things are not okay!

Video and Images courtesy
of Malik Tha Martian

Video created by
Ethic Radio Staffing Team

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