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Join us as we visit a one of the Newest and Hottest Memphis Area Barbecue restaurants, Memphis Barbecue Company for a sampling! 👍Subscribe to our Channel: 👍

Thank you for joining us on the third leg of our Memphis BBQ restaurant visit. This episode has us visiting Memphis Barbecue Company in Horn Lake, MS. Memphis Barbecue Company is what happens when the Winningest Woman in BBQ and her Husband decide to take what they’ve mastered on the BBQ Circuit and open a restaurant! Nothing short of amazing food, great atmosphere and fantastic staff are what you will encounter when you visit them in Horn Lake!.

From homemade Pork Rinds along with Cheese and Sausage platter to Brisket, Pork, Ribs and more, you will definitely not leave hungry! Melissa and Pete Cookston have outdone themselves with this place!

Memphis Barbecue Company our full recommendation for your dining while in Memphis!

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