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More info on The Israelites: Officer Benaiah Brings Life to the Curses

  • Covid-19: F.D.A. Grants Emergency Authorization for Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

    Younger American military service members are declining shots. Some colleges and universities, fearing attrition, are pledging to reopen more fully this fall.

  • How the Pandemic Nearly Tore Israel Apart

    They have worked hard to preserve a way of life that long preceded the establishment of Israel in 1948 ... a former I.D.F. intelligence officer who was part of Numa’s team.

  • Michael Youssef: Why the Church Must Revitalize the Family

    You might work 80 hours a week so you can afford a huge mansion, the best food, the finest clothing and the most prestigious schools for your children—and it would all be for nothing if you failed to ...

  • The Fight for Yemen

    Death to Israel. God curse the Jews. Victory to Islam ... RADIYA: Yes. I spent my whole life on this street. SAFA AL AHMAD: The Houthi slogan is everywhere. RADIYA: The slogan is new to ...

  • Contemplating Churchill

    He seemed to have been cursed like Cassandra ... because it is attempting to dramatize, to bring a particular historical moment back to life, to reconstruct a particular set of experiences ...

  • Katzav's Accuser – Accused of Stalking

    A woman who played a central role in the public trial of ex-president Moshe Katzav, now in jail for rape, is facing accusations of stalking. Known to the public only as "Aleph of the President's ...

  • The New Zion

    My friend Israel Zangwill, whose recent loss is lamented ... Colonel Kisch, a sapper officer of many years' servicein the British Army, is chairman. The main principles for the present Zionist ...

  • Sanctify Life

    Before you I have placed life and death, the blessing and the curse. You must choose life ... fallen in defense of the Jewish People and the Land of Israel, chose life for us all. One soldier, an ...

  • Zionist Aspirations in Palestine

    The ancient Israelites, where they could ... either by equitable purchase or by the Bedouin's desire for the nomadic life which he will find over the border in the Arab state.' ...

  • Celebrating the Lives of Israel’s Defenders

    For one day, on Yom Hazikaron, National Memorial Day of Israel, we remember fallen soldiers ... I couldn’t have saved anyone else’s life, although I wish I could have. I would live like ...

  • An Annotated Bibliography of Books by Elie Wiesel

    DAWN (Hill and Wang 1961; Bantam) A young member of the Jewish underground in British-controlled Palestine guards a captured British officer ... to Souls on Fire brings to life four great ...

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