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More info on The Israelites: Officer Benaiah Brings Life to the Curses

  • Dear Orange Man Bad: An Open Letter From the Enemy of Your Enemy

    As far as I can tell, you’re all the toxic byproducts of state sponsored crony capitalism poured into one disgusting lumpy orange beanbag chair and you’ve generally ran the White House like a call ...

  • Pfizer boss says company aims to send out vaccine within hours of approval

    Both are welcoming tourists who bring evidence of a negative test ... however. Sri Lanka, Israel, the North Mariana Islands, the US Virgin Islands and Bonaire, St Eustatius and Saba ...

  • The Fight for Yemen

    Death to Israel. God curse the Jews. Victory to Islam ... RADIYA: Yes. I spent my whole life on this street. SAFA AL AHMAD: The Houthi slogan is everywhere. RADIYA: The slogan is new to ...

  • Tribeca Film Festival Announces World Narrative and Doc Competitions, Viewpoints Lineups

    Playing throughout New York April 17 – 28, the Tribeca Film Festival is programmed by a team led by Artistic Director Frederic Boyer, working closely with Geoffrey Gilmore, Chief Creative Officer ...

  • Contemplating Churchill

    He seemed to have been cursed like Cassandra ... because it is attempting to dramatize, to bring a particular historical moment back to life, to reconstruct a particular set of experiences ...

  • Fear and Rage in Sderot

    Sderot is within Israel ... as it takes to bring a halt to the rocket fire. “Once the rockets cease, the comparisons to Lebanon and Iraq begin - the public forgets what life was like before ...

  • Godzilla and Postwar Japan

    Over the life of the series, the quality of the movies and their intended ... The destruction is depicted vividly and in very human terms in the film, in scenes that were certainly intended to bring ...

  • An Annotated Bibliography of Books by Elie Wiesel

    DAWN (Hill and Wang 1961; Bantam) A young member of the Jewish underground in British-controlled Palestine guards a captured British officer ... to Souls on Fire brings to life four great ...

  • Treasons of the heart

    The modern age is clogged with—or more descriptively, cursed by—political causes ... that he went to France “to taste the pleasure of a revolutionary way of life, and to dance the Ça ira with peasant ...

  • Sanctify Life

    Before you I have placed life and death, the blessing and the curse. You must choose life ... fallen in defense of the Jewish People and the Land of Israel, chose life for us all. One soldier, an ...

  • Zionist Aspirations in Palestine

    The ancient Israelites, where they could ... either by equitable purchase or by the Bedouin's desire for the nomadic life which he will find over the border in the Arab state.' ...

  • Celebrating the Lives of Israel’s Defenders

    For one day, on Yom Hazikaron, National Memorial Day of Israel, we remember fallen soldiers ... I couldn’t have saved anyone else’s life, although I wish I could have. I would live like ...

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