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More info on The Israelites: Officer Benaiah Brings Life to the Curses

  • Haredim and the virus: more than what the lens captures

    And the third image came this week, when police who went into Jerusalem's Meah Shearim neighborhood to close educational facilities were cursed by a group of people ... in his younger days was the ...

  • The films fit for a Queen

    All this week in our must-have guides, the Mail's TV critic Christopher Stevens and Weekend magazine film critic Simone Andrews are rounding up the best TV available through streaming services.

  • Two years a domestic slave: One woman’s story

    Salgadu’s voice still quavers with doubt — the residual curse of surviving oppression. And yet, like the Israelites who fled Egypt, her trauma eventually became a gateway to a better life.

  • The Parsha and Current Events: When anger is appropriate

    He undoubtedly completed the officer's training ... wish to destroy Israel, we would have taken advantage of the great miracle of the Six Day War and rid ourselves of this curse.

  • The New Jew-Hatred: Right and Left

    Reading figures like Bouteldja and Sarsour brings to mind the French ... of student groups critical of Israel and Zionism.” It concluded that “contrary to widely shared impressions, we found a picture ...

  • Contemplating Churchill

    He seemed to have been cursed like Cassandra ... because it is attempting to dramatize, to bring a particular historical moment back to life, to reconstruct a particular set of experiences ...

  • An Annotated Bibliography of Books by Elie Wiesel

    DAWN (Hill and Wang 1961; Bantam) A young member of the Jewish underground in British-controlled Palestine guards a captured British officer ... to Souls on Fire brings to life four great ...

  • Treasons of the heart

    The modern age is clogged with—or more descriptively, cursed by—political causes ... that he went to France “to taste the pleasure of a revolutionary way of life, and to dance the Ça ira with peasant ...

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