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More info on The Israelites: Officer Benaiah Brings Life to the Curses

  • The Audacity of Hope

    It is symbolic of our hope that the present year and its negative aspects leave and be replaced with a new one filled with blessings. We do this every year. Not just in a year highlighted by a ...

  • Tribeca Film Festival Announces World Narrative and Doc Competitions, Viewpoints Lineups

    Playing throughout New York April 17 – 28, the Tribeca Film Festival is programmed by a team led by Artistic Director Frederic Boyer, working closely with Geoffrey Gilmore, Chief Creative Officer ...

  • A Rock To My Head Documenting A New Outpost: Can We Know What Is Torah? Nitzavim

    I asked the border police officer I later heard ... for we are talking about “life and prosperity, death and adversity.” (30:15), “blessing and curse” (30:19). Until we all hear God ...

  • The 'Wolf of Weed' and the bitter collapse of a medical marijuana venture

    He listed two other medical cannabis companies but then moved to Israel and resigned from ... “I have had to live with it all my life, it is both a curse and a gift.” It often gets him into ...

  • Israel Museum offers capsule tours led by staffers during reopening

    The Israel Museum reopened in mid-August after months ... became their word for “become,” for its representation of new life. At the end of a 35-minute tour, Ben Dor Evian had to head to ...

  • Contemplating Churchill

    He seemed to have been cursed like Cassandra ... because it is attempting to dramatize, to bring a particular historical moment back to life, to reconstruct a particular set of experiences ...

  • The Parsha and Current Events: When anger is appropriate

    He undoubtedly completed the officer's training ... wish to destroy Israel, we would have taken advantage of the great miracle of the Six Day War and rid ourselves of this curse.

  • Treasons of the heart

    The modern age is clogged with—or more descriptively, cursed by—political causes ... that he went to France “to taste the pleasure of a revolutionary way of life, and to dance the Ça ira with peasant ...

  • Sanctify Life

    Before you I have placed life and death, the blessing and the curse. You must choose life ... fallen in defense of the Jewish People and the Land of Israel, chose life for us all. One soldier, an ...

  • Zionist Aspirations in Palestine

    The ancient Israelites, where they could ... either by equitable purchase or by the Bedouin's desire for the nomadic life which he will find over the border in the Arab state.' ...

  • readings + video

    Today, Ganor and his wife Pola share time between Israel and California ... including a portion of this interview. What was life like in Lithuania before the Second World War, in 1937 on up?

  • An Annotated Bibliography of Books by Elie Wiesel

    DAWN (Hill and Wang 1961; Bantam) A young member of the Jewish underground in British-controlled Palestine guards a captured British officer ... to Souls on Fire brings to life four great ...

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