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Most teenagers might celebrate their 18th birthday by buying a lottery ticket or getting a tattoo.

But one Memphis woman is accused of using the occasion to set up her ex-boyfriend to be robbed.

This story could be a lesson about staying away from an ex, especially on their birthday, but according to the police affidavit, an 18-year-old woman celebrated her birthday by setting up her ex and stealing his car.

Police said Monday, July 30 was Danielle Philhart’s 18th birthday. Philhart’s former boyfriend went to her apartment complex on Southern to visit her.

The couple sat in the boyfriend’s 2003 Cadillac in the parking complex when Philhart signaled Devon McNeal, who got into the back of the Cadillac and pointed a gun at the former boyfriend.

Police said McNeal demanded the Cadillac and money. The ex-boyfriend told police Philhart took his iPhone X and money, and she and McNeal took off in the car.

Neighbors said it was a very frightening event.

One woman came out of an apartment and said she was Philhart’s mother.

“She got herself in some trouble,” the woman said. “She didn’t know.”

When asked to explain, the woman said, “I don’t know ma’am, I’m scared of the news.”

While talking to a man who said he went to school with Philhart, someone walked up with a phone and said it was Philhart’s mother, even though she had a different voice than the first woman.

“She was arrested OK, she was arrested, but you don’t know the story ma’am,” the woman said.

However, the woman did not want to share the story.

Police said the victim identified Philhart and McNeal, and that Philhart admitted to the crime.

McNeal is not in custody. If you know where he is, you’re asked to call police.

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