**PLEASE SEE THIS GOFUNDME SET UP FOR MY MOM WITH STAGE 4 BREAST CANCER. SHE CANNOT PAY HER HOUSE PAYMENTS & IS IN DANGER OF LOSING HER HOUSE: https://www.gofundme.com/savemothersdaynow — if everyone that watched these BSMF videos donated even like , we could change her life — This is recorded live from the audience at the Beale Street Music Festival/Memphis in May by me, bigconcertfan.com — Please subscribe to my Youtube channel, LIKE me on Facebook, or FOLLOW on Twitter or Instagram for more. I recorded the entire 3 day weekend from the front row. If you recorded entire sets that I didn’t, I’d like to trade with you. If you have nothing to trade, if you donate to my moms GoFundMe, I’ll send you a DVD of your favorite act. Just let me know who you are and where to send it. Sorry about the poor sound quality with MGMT. This is how an LG G4 records concert audio. The festival had a stated no camera policy (in the proceeding days, I just brought a camera anyway…)

More info on MGMT (Full Concert – Beale Street Music Festival Memphis TN 2017)

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    This week brings many old favorites, and a few newcomers, such as the percussion group from the University of Memphis, presenting their fall concert this weekend. REMINDER: The Memphis Flyer ...


    Upon returning to the United States, he will make an appearance at the acclaimed Beale Street Music Festival ... Studios in Memphis, TN where they cut their critically-acclaimed 2017 rel ...

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