Jack White performing at the Beale Street Festival which is a split off of the Memphis in May festival in Memphis, TN on May 5, 2018.

0:00 Nightmare by Artie Shaw (played over PA)/Intro Jam
2:39 Over And Over And Over (and over and over and ove-)
7:24 Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground
11:29 Lazaretto
15:30 Corporation (a bop)
20:55 Just One Drink
24:37 Hotel Yorba (I h a t e country music so i had to skip this one)
27:41 I Cut Like A Buffalo
33:04 Why Walk A Dog? (this seems like a bit of a mood killer to put in the middle of the set)
35:52 Cannon/When I Hear My Name
39:38 Blunderbuss (hot take: the electric version of this is shit)
43:13 Improv, I guess (titled Cottonseed in the download)
45:20 Love Interruption
48:33 Catch Hell Blues
54:54 Ice Station Zebra (this is better than connected by love honestly and should have been a single)
59:55 Respect Commander (fuck it up, carla!!!!!)
1:05:36 Connected By Love
1:10:54 Steady As She Goes (works better with this band than broken boy soldiers did)
1:16:38 High Ball Stepper
1:21:22 I’m Slowly Turning Into You (this vocal fx mic is REALLY grating in this song)
1:27:01 Carolina Drama (la la la laaa, la la la laaa, yeah)
1:34:19 Seven Nation Army (always a bop)

this is the only non professional recording of this tour that I could find, i’m gonna do some more tour compilations from jack and meg, probably an Elephant or Icky Thump tour compilation next

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