Memphis Day 1 (2011) – Eating the famous ribs with my buddy, TK, at Charlie Vergos’ Rendezvous Charcoal Ribs (01:33), the Mississippi River (03:30), and a walk around with some live music on Beale Street (05:38) in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

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  • Charles Vergos' Rendezvous - Menu - Welcome to Charlie ...

    In a downtown Memphis alley since 1948. Printable Menu. Here’s what you’ll get when you come in for a visit at the Rendezvous.To ship that Rendezvous goodness anywhere in the continental U.S., see our online store for a selection of ribs, pork shoulder, sauce, seasoning, and gifts.

  • Best Memphis Barbecue - Travel Channel

    Diners can sink their teeth into all manner of barbecued delights at Central BBQ, like pork shoulder and ribs, dry-rub wings and smoked sausage.Favorites include a pork plate with “bark,” the dark, heavily smoked crust that barbecue lovers devour.

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    One of Nashville’s most legendary restaurants, Swett’s has been the standard-bearer for traditional Southern “meat and three” since it first opened its doors in 1954. Today it’s run by third-generation owner David Swett, and the cafeteria-style restaurant is a hangout for local movers and shakers, students, and culinary pilgrims alike.

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    Quirky, weird, unusual, offbeat, and just downright fun American Roadside Attractions.

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    Since 1939, Jim’s Steaks has been the standard bearer for real Philly cheesesteaks. Pat’s and Geno’s may get more press, but ask native Philadelphians where they go when they want a great cheesesteak and they’ll most likely tell you Jim’s, which has three locations around town.

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    The scions of a some of the South’s most notable barbecue families—like Rodney Scott of Scott’s Barbecue in Hemingway, South Carolina, and Sam Jones of Skylight Inn in Ayden, North Carolina—took bold leaps and opened impressive new restaurants of their own.

  • Charles Vergos' Rendezvous - Welcome to Charlie Vergos ...

    In 1948, Charlie Vergos cleaned out a basement below his diner, discovered a coal chute, and started a legend. The coal chute gave him a vent for his considerable talent over a grill, and allowed him to expand from ham-and-cheese sandwiches to ribs.Today, several thousand people on an average Saturday night pour into our basement and sink their teeth into a slab of what makes Memphis, well ...

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    The US has several distinct barbecue sauce styles from Kansas City to South Carolina, Eastern Carolinas, Western Carolinas, Texas, Alabama, Kentucky, Hawaii, Florida, Memphis and more. Here is a description of them, and links to buy them, and recipes.

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    The average person likely only thinks of Memphis food in terms of barbecue (and with good reason), but Memphians do not live by pork ribs alone. There's a divine variety of food that's been ...

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    For expertly made pulled pork, ribs, and everything in between, we’ve found seven Memphis joints that smoke the competition.

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