A&Z #859 – Randy Santel “Atlas” vs Uncle Bubba’s Big 7lb BBQ Challenge w/ Brisket, Burgers, & Memphis Pulled Pork at Uncle Bubba’s Barbecue & Smokehouse in Hernando, Mississippi which is just south of Memphis, Tennessee!! After finishing up my food challenges in Oklahoma and Arkansas, I traveled east to Tennessee where I attempted lots of delicious food challenges as part of my 2020 Southeast USA Tour. I also attempted 2 just south of Tennessee in Hernando, Mississippi, and 1 just north of Tennessee in Tompkinsville, Kentucky. For event #5, I traveled to Hernando, Mississippi and attempted the brand new Big 7lb BBQ Challenge at Uncle Bubba’s Barbecue & Smokehouse. I had 1 hour to finish a 2lb beef burger consisting of four 1/2lb patties stacked and layered with white cheese and healthy vegetables, a 2lb Memphis Pulled Pork Sandwich topped with coleslaw, a 1lb Smoked Brisket Sandwich topped with a horseradish sauce, a 1lb basket of Uncle Bubba’s fries, and for dessert there was a 1lb dish of pecan cobbler with vanilla ice cream. I was trying to win my meal free, a sweet t-shirt, and the first spot on the Wall of Fame!! Thank you to owners Terry and his wife and their staff for all the wonderful food, drinks, and hospitality, and to everyone who came that day to watch and meet me!! I appreciate everyone around the Hernando, Mississippi (and Memphis, TN) area and throughout the great state of Mississippi who watches our videos and supports our efforts!! There is another nearby Hernando, MS video upcoming!!

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Uncle Bubba’s Big 7lb BBQ Challenge in Hernando, Mississippi ():

– Uncle Bubba’s Barbecue & Smokehouse is located in Hernando, Mississippi.
– There is a 2lb burger that consists of four 1/2 lb beef patties stacked with cheese & veggies.
– There is a 2lb Memphis pulled pork sandwich topped with delicious coleslaw.
– There is a 1lb beef brisket sandwich topped with a horseradish sauce.
– The challenge includes a 1lb basket of Uncle Bubba’s fries and a 1 hour time limit.
– For dessert, challengers must finish 1lb of pecan cobbler with vanilla ice cream.
– Winners receive the meal free, a sweet t-shirt, and a spot on the Wall of Fame!!

This video was filmed on Sunday, August 16, 2020 (8/16/2020).

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“Leading the Pack”
“Hammer Down”
“Trush Rush”

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