Copyright 2012 Mountain Films

Dedicated to the original “Mountain Dewey”

This short film is inspired and based off of the short story “Knock” by Fredric Brown. The story is only two lines long reading:

“The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock at the door…”

This video pushed everything I know about filmmaking so far. I had no budget and only a crappy tri-pod and camera my parents helped me purchase. Other than that this video had NO BUDGET. The only money spent was on gas to drive to some of the locations.
My goal was to try and capture loneliness, sadness, and fear using mostly style of cinematography, the environment and things within that environment to convey these feelings and emotions. It was something I really enjoyed working on and hope you will enjoy as well.

Inspired by the short story “Knock” by Fredric Brown

Directed and Produced by Dewey Noordmans

Co-Directed by Jameson Patz

Score by Jameson Patz

Sound Design/Editing/Mixing by Wesley Farmer and Dewey Noordmans

Camera Operators: Jameson Patz and Dewey Noordmans

Edited by Dewey Noordmans

Filmed on location in Memphis, TN

Thank You

I first need to thank my roommates who have supported me and helped me with various aspects of this video, you guys are the best. Next, my step-dad and mom who have supported me and inspired me to explore making videos. This video has been a vision of mine since August 2012 and after squeezing it times to film and edit between school it is finished.

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