The Grand Illusion / Pieces of Eight (Live from Orpheum Theater) [2012]

1. The Grand Illusion
2. Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)
3. Superstars
4. Come Sail Away
5. Miss America
6. Man In the Wilderness
7. Castle Walls
8. The Grand Finale

Disc 2
1. Great White Hope
2. I’m Okay
3. Sing for the Day
4. The Message
5. Lords of the Ring
6. Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)
7. Queen of Spades
8. Renegade
9. Pieces of Eight
10. Aku-Aku

Lawrence Gowan: Lead vocals and keyboards
Tommy Shaw: Lead guitar, vocals
James Young: Rhythm Guitar, vocals
Ricky Phillips: Guitar, Bass, Background vocals
Chuck Panozzo: Bass
Todd Sucherman: Drums

More info on Styx – Castle Walls (Live from Orpheum Theater in Memphis, TN, 2011)

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