Here Shawn Lane and the Powers of Ten Band play “Tri-Heaven”, at the New Daisy Theater, Memphis, TN, on the 19th Nov 1992.

(Shawn originally named this tune “‘Till We Meet Again”, and later changed the title to “Tri-Heaven”)

You can buy a selection of Shawn’s live gigs on DVD from Shawn’s mum, Diane, at

You can mingle and post with other fans of Shawn at :

You can read back through litterally hundreds of cool and very informative posts at the Shawn Lane Yahoo group (dating back to 1999) here :
(you have to join up)

You can still read lots of interesting posts at the old Shawn Lane message board here :

Thanks to Mick for supporting Shawn over the years, as well as taping (and organising the taping of) many of Shawn’s shows!


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