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#weroamMemphis is an independent film directed and edited by: Ramon Johnson out of Memphis Tn. It documents the lives of people in he Memphis Tn. that seek change and to live out their dream trying to not only change their life but the city of Memphis a better place. In this trailor you will see three well-known Memphis dancers a.k.a Memphis Jookers, Joseph Sorrentino and Blord, and Rome (director). I decided to use Memphis Jookin as a trailer because the dance itself has been around for years and has always told a story about not only the dancer but the city. Memphis for the past few years has been deemed a very violent and dangerous city and this short film is to show to people outside of Memphis that there is still hope and many people throughout Memphis that is working everyday to change the way of life here. This film is expected to debut late June to late July! Please be sure to share and also, anyone can be apart of this film! If you have a story or even a talent, email me at [email protected]

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