Michael G Strickland – Break In At My New Neighbor’s House – Memphis, TN – May 13, 2020 👮 – ALWAYS FILM THE POLICE!

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* The Story

My brand new neighbor’s home was broken into this evening after moving in 3 only days ago. Unfortunately I didn’t hear the glass shatter during the break in – however I have surveillance cameras around my home & did happen to notice 4 cop cars suddenly appearing outside my door! So I grabbed my cell phone & went outside to investigate. Here’s that short video.

BTW: I don’t know if the cops caught any of the 3 circus criminals on this night – but a cell phone from whichever one actually broke in was accidentally left behind (2 clowns stayed with the car – lol) ..it’s only a matter of time.

FYI: At no time did any one of the 4 Memphis Police Officers I encountered ask me to refrain from filming or to ask me or any one of 5 neighbors (plus a baby in his mother’s arms) to step back. Kudos!

Recorded LIVE at: Memphis, TN – May 13, 2020

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