Filmed and Edited by Robert Hernandez
This is a short film showcasing the Pride of the Southland Band visit to Jacksonville, FL, my home state, to preform in the 2020 Taxslayer Gator Bowl. This is a collection of scenes depicting this visit including rehearsals, performance, and stands. The band is the primary focus of this video.

Note from creator: This has been my all time favorite project and I am just unbelievably blessed to had been able to do this video series. When i found out UT was coming to my state of Florida I got so excited and i jumped at this rare opportunity to do this project. I love UT so much. I got all of my camera equipment and drove from one end of Florida to the next to see this game. While being a fan of UT, I never been to a game and seen the band perform live, this was a treat. Seeing all of that orange and hearing rocky top made my 2020 and I couldn’t be more happy to have recorded them. I wasn’t able to finish this series after the multi camera from crazy life stuff but I’m glad its finally out. Would like to thank all of my friends at UT for making this possible and great to see you all again. This video series is a love letter to UT, Go Vols!

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