Emily Barker – Live at Levitt Shell, Memphis TN (full concert)

Live at Levit Shell, Memphis TN, 15th October 2017

This is one show I’ll always remember. Memphis, Tennessee – October 15, 2017. I had been invited to play one of Levitt Shell’s annual Orion series of shows and had jumped at the opportunity to perform the whole of Sweet Kind of Blue with the amazing musicians who recorded the album with me at Sam Phillips Recording Service. I’d asked them if they might be free that night and the answer from all was a resounding yes!

I arrived in Memphis on a warm, sunny October morning, ready for two days of rehearsals. Matt (Ross-Spang, producer of the album) had arranged for us to rehearse at the studio – it felt so good to be back in that room with a group of musicians who had become close friends over the course of two weeks the previous summer.

On the Saturday of the show the weather turned. The temperature dropped dramatically and there was a persistent fine drizzle that settled in and continued for the whole day. The crowd, understandably, was smaller than it might have been on a warmer evening, but nothing could dampen our spirits as the eighty minute set seemed to race by.

I’m so glad we had decided to have the show filmed – a permanent reminder of a very special chapter in my musical life. Memphis, I miss you – and I hope to be able to visit you again soon!

Emily x


0:33 – Dear River
4:10 – Sister Goodbye
9:02 – Change
13:41 – No. 5 Hurricane
19:40 – If We Forget to Dance
25:55 – Crazy Life
31:00 – Over My Shoulder
35:58 – Precious Memories
39:40 – Little Deaths
44:42 – Nostalgia
49:30 – Ghost Narrative
53:01 – Disappear
57:07 – More!
1:00:26 – Sweet Kind of Blue
1:04:54 – Sunrise
1:10:57 – Underneath the Honey Moon
1:14:30 – B-A-B-Y

Emily Barker: lead vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica, stomp pedal
Steve Potts: drums
Dave Smith: bass
Dave Cousar: electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Rick Steff: keys
Matt Ross-Spang: acoustic guitar
Jim Spake: sax
Marc Franklin: trumpet
Susan Marshall: backing vocals
Reba Russell: backing vocals
Heather Trussell: violin 1
Rachel Fellows-Schnackel: violin 2
Jonathon White: viola
Dara Hankins: cello
Conductor: Sam Shoup

Director and Editor: Cole Early
Camera Operators:
Robert Towns
Sam Shansky
Jake Hopkins
Matt Kaden

Sound engineer: Dawn Hopkins
Stage Monitors: Matt Brown
Lighting: Stephen Weeks

Mark Adams

Cindy Cogbill and all at Levitt Shell
Halley Phillips and all at Sam Phillips Recording
Elizabeth Cawein

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