Concrete Joy | Award Winning Short Film

Feel-Good Drama. An old, grumpy man dealing with Parkinson’s disease who has a hard time accepting one of the young girls in his neighborhood doing chalk drawings on the concrete path in his front yard. The two bond over the appreciation for art they didn’t know the other had.

Starring: Mark Ivie & Lucie Hart

A Film By: Holly Pratt, Orchee Sorker, Chloe Gibson, Landon Rowles, Reed Freeman, Tina “Zerø” Quarles

TN Governor’s School for the Arts 2018
Indie Memphis Youth Film Festival 2018 Official Selection
All American High School Film Fest 2018 Official Selection
Winner of 2018 Experience Contest Winning Photo (All American High School Film Festival 2018)
Winner of Best Video in West Tennessee Film Festival 2018

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