This black & white educational film is about the Ku Klux Klan an American white supremacist hate group, its main targets are minority groups. It dates to 1965.

Carousel Films presents Ku Klux Klan: The Invisible Empire (:07-:21). Narrator: Lowndes County, Alabama, March 1965, a car is off the road, it’s black driver is dead. Arrested were three members of the Klan. One was tried, the jury didn’t reach a verdict. Neshoba Co., MS, August 1964, three civil rights workers found dead. Six members of the Klan arrested, none brought to trial. Colbert, GA, July 1964, Reserve Lt. Colonel was killed by a shotgun blast. Members of the Klan were tried and acquitted. Cars shown damaged, off the side of the road, one burned. Richmond Flowers, Attorney General for Alabama speaks (:22-1:45). Members of the KKK kneel. Burn a cross. The Klan march around a burning cross. KKK meeting. Title: Ku Klux Klan: The Invisible Empire. CBS correspondent Charles Kuralt opens the program (1:46-2:59). Ku Klux Klan meeting. A klansman speaks on what he doesn’t like. He is the Grand Dragon, Jay Robert Jones. Matt Murphy, chief counsel for the Klan, speaks (3:00-4:48). A ‘nighthawk’, security for the Klan, he speaks. Grand Dragon Jones speaks on Jewish people and Catholics (4:49-6:28). Grand Dragon Jones speaks. A Klan chaplain speaks in front of a crowd, members of the Klan clap (6:29-8:09). The KKK chaplain gives a hate filled speech. Klansmen watch and listen. The Klan was born in Pulaski, TN as a six member social club (8:10-10:10). Scenes from the landmark, racially incendiary film ‘ The Birth of a Nation ‘ by D.W. Griffith (scenes shown: The Klan intimidate black people. A black man shoots a white man. The killer is captured by the KKK and killed). William Joseph Simmons, former leader of the KKK. A film from 1915 shows the Klan going up Stone Mountain in Georgia. A KKK meeting. A cross is lit on fire. Still photos of lynching victims. 1922, Hiram Wesley Evans was the Imperial Wizard of the KKK, a native of Alabama, Evans was a dentist. In 1923, Evans established headquarters in Washington, D.C. (10:11-12:48). KKK members march. 1924, at the DNC in New York City, 350 delegates were Klansman, they were responsible for the defeat of Gov. Alfred Smith as the Democratic nominee. By 1925 six million Americans belonged to the Klan. August 8, 1925, KKK paraded down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. David C. Stephenson, Imperial Wizard of the KKK in Indiana was found guilty of rape and mayhem (12:49-14:00). 1940 – KKK and Nazis joined in New Jersey. In 1965 – a Klansman was interviewed in Houston, he was paid to do so, when the check was cashed, it had a swastika on it. 1944 – Imperial Wizard of the KKK was given a bill for back taxes, when he couldn’t pay, he disbanded the Klan. 1948 – Klan was reactivated by Dr. Samuel Green, who speaks in Macon, GA. KKK march. KKK paramilitary units (14:01-16:02). KKK softball team. A black man reveals he has KKK carved into his stomach, the result of an assault. Richmond Flowers (AG) for Alabama speaks (16:03-18:29). Secret ceremony for induction. Pledge of Allegiance. New recruits stand. Guards watch the door. The ceremony is underway (18:30-20:59). New men are initiated. (21:00-23:21). A prayer is conducted. Citizenship of the KKK is offered to the men. A cross burns (23:22-25:00). A KKK rally. Children wear robes. A woman reads a poem about interracial romance. Matt Murphy speaks (25:01-26:53). The men charged with killing a black woman are introduced and cheered. The men sign autographs. Money is donated to the KKK. People give their money and some clap (26:54-28:42). People hand over money to the Klan. Torches are given to Klansmen who walk with them. This is the KKK in 1965. A cross burns (28:43-30:36). Klansmen talk and shake hands. Robert Shelton, Imperial Wizard in Alabama, listens to tapes of MLK. He looks over photographs. In Gray, GA, the KKK made a movie theatre close after they allowed blacks to sit in the balcony (30:37-32:07). Bogalusa, LA, called ” Klantown USA “. People march in the town. A radio station was harassed by the Klan for allowing a speaker they didn’t like. Judge Duke has been fighting the KKK for years in Georgia (32:08-34:09). Headlines from the Birmingham Post Herald: the KKK castrated a black man. KKK in St. Augustine, FL. KKK started a race riot after Blacks wanted to integrate the beaches (34:10-36:35). Near Cincinnati, OH, a KKK rally. Members build a cross to burn and raise it (38:18-40:11). Near Cleveland, OH, a KKK rally, police search cars. People protest the KKK. Cross burns. KKK Chaplain speaks on why he quit (41:41-44:55). End credits (45:36-46:40).

This film is part of the Periscope Film LLC archive, one of the largest historic military, transportation, and aviation stock footage collections in the USA. Entirely film backed, this material is available for licensing in 24p HD and 2k/4k. For more information visit http://www.PeriscopeFilm.com


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