Memphis Community Guide

Memphis is known as the home of Elvis Presley and as the birthplace of the blues. An interesting piece of trivia about Graceland, Elvis’s home, is that it is the second most-visited house in the country – behind the White House in Washington, D.C. May is a special time of year here when the International Barbecue contest honors a specific country each year. Don’t forget to travel down Beale Street and listen to some of the world’s best blues bands perform W.C. Handy. Whatever your reason for visiting we are sure you will find something a little extra while you are here.

Tennessee Wine Trails

Tennessee Wine Destinations

Tennessee Wineries & Wine Trails With varied terrain across the state, Tennessee offers an excellent climate for grape growing. Winters are relatively mild, and while summers can get hot and…

Memphis Bike Trails

Where to Ride a Bike in Memphis

Bike Trails in Memphis & Surrounding Area For those who enjoy riding a bike, the Memphis area is slowly becoming one of the best places around to do it and…

tourist attractions nashville

Top 10 Best Tourist Places in Nashville

Nashville Road Trip Dubbed as the “ Music City, USA ” due to its legendary Country music scene, Nashville is the jewel in the crown of the state of Tennessee….

ennessee Music Highway

Drive the Tennessee Music Highway

Road Trip through Tennessee Music Country A road trip with family or friends is the perfect way to explore Tennessee’s place in the birth of the country, rockabilly, and rock…

Legend Of Sam Phillips and Sun Studio

Legend Of Sam Phillips and Sun Studio

The day in Memphis when the Black Electric Blues sound of the south shook hands with White Country Music and created Rock and Roll, and the man that made it…

Elvis Week

Elvis Week in Memphis a Pilgrimage for Fans

Elvis Week takes place every year in mid-August with nine days of celebrations at Graceland and around Memphis. Marking the 40th anniversary of Elvis’ return to the stage in Las…

Most Romantic Places to Stay in Memphis, TN

Most Romantic Places to Stay in Memphis, TN

Couples looking for a fun getaway may want to stay in one of these places in Memphis, a historical city known for great music and local attractions. Many tourists flock…

Adventure Science Center – Nashville

Adventure Science Center – Nashville

Nashville Children’s Museum Learning is Fun at the Adventure Science Center. Originally established as the Children’s Museum of Nashville in 1944, the Adventure Science Center is one of the best…

Casey Jones Home and Railroad Museum

Historic Casey Jones Home and Railroad Museum

See the Real Casey Jones at the Historic Casey Jones Home and Railroad Museum. One of the top travel destinations in Jackson, Tennessee is the Casey Jones Village, which includes…

Buford Pusser Home & Museum

Buford Pusser Home and Museum

Buford Pusser Home & Museum – Adamsville, Tennessee Buford Pusser wrestled and defeated a live bear.  He led a violent but successful campaign against moonshiners, gamblers, prostitutes, and organized crime…

Visit Memphis, Tennessee

Plan your Vacation to Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis Vacation Destinations When you think of vacationing, let Memphis come to mind.  This is an area that people think about when someone mentions Graceland.  Yes, it is a big…

Best BBQ in Memphis

A trip to Memphis has to be about the barbecue. The barbecue here is world-renowned, but those less experienced barbecue enthusiasts will need a short lesson in ‘Memphis Style’ barbecue….

Most Romantic Places to Stay in Memphis, TN

Couples looking for a quick escape may enjoy staying in Memphis, a historical city known for great music and local attractions. Many tourists flock to Memphis, Tennessee every year to…

National Civil Rights Museum

The National Civil Rights Museum is built on the site of the Lorraine Motel where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated.  This location in Memphis brought national attention to…

Peabody Hotel Ducks March

Lucky Ducks & their Memphis Hotel Penthouse At the luxury Peabody Hotel in Memphis, it doesn’t matter who one knows, anyone who doesn’t have webbed feet and feathers isn’t allowed…

A Stay at Heartbreak Hotel for Elvis Presley Fans

The Ultimate Hotel Experience for Elvis Presley Fans From its heart-shaped pool to Elvis-themed rooms, Elvis-only TV channel, and close proximity to Graceland, staying at the Heartbreak Hotel is an…

Graceland Automobile Museum

Elvis Presley’s Cars, Bikes, Planes and Tractors Elvis Presley loved to collect cars and motorcycles, not to mention customized jets, go-carts, dune buggies, and even a John Deere tractor. At…

Guide to Visiting Elvis’ Graceland

Elvis Presley’s Mansion Still Amazes Fans & Curious Tourists One of the best-known tourist attractions in the United States, Elvis Presley’s Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee is a once in a…

Rockabilly Hall of Fame- Jackson, Tennessee

Jackson Rockabilly Festivals & Hall of Fame Situated between Nashville and Memphis, Jackson, TN has a rich music history of its own that is worth exploring on any vacation in…

Sun Studio – A Must for Any Memphis Vacation

Sun Studio, Memphis, Birthplace of Rock and Roll No visit to Memphis is complete without visiting the historic Sun Studio, where Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, U2 and…

Country Music Dance Clubs in Memphis

Places to Let Loose While in Memphis Memphis, Tennessee is a great city to visit, grab a drink in, and enjoy some great varieties of country music. Memphis, Tennessee is…

What’s Happening in Memphis?

Memphis has many attractions and activities to keep you busy while you are here. You can hike, bike, golf, go for a balloon ride, and take tours guiding you through the history of Elvis Presley’s life. Make sure you don’t forget some great sites in Memphis such as Alex Haley’s Home, Beale Street, and the W.C. Handy Home. There is also tons of family fun. Take a trip to the Memphis Zoo or jump on exciting amusement park rides at Libertyland Amusement Park. Whatever you’re looking for our guide will help you find it.

Memphis Sun Studios

Whether you’re on a budget or not, you should be able to find affordable accommodations in Memphis any time of the year.

While visiting Memphis you’ll never go hungry for quality food or shopping. Memphis offers lots of great restaurants that will please anyone’s appetite. Restaurants serving Italian, Southern, American, and Seafood can all be found close by. Don’t miss a chance to dine where the “King of Rock & Roll” did. If shopping is what you are looking for you are in luck. Memphis has everything from your department store chain to souvenir shops. Shopping here is great for everyday items as well as the special gift items you are looking for. Courtesy of Memphis Family Vacation Guide

Memphis Attractions & Activities

Beale Street – It first rang out over the cotton fields of the Mississippi Delta. migrated to the streets and clubs of Memphis. It went on to influence the sound of music all over the world. Memphis is the Home of the Blues and the Birthplace of Rock ‘n Roll. And it all starts here on Beale Street.

Memphis Beale Street

Carriage Tours of Memphis – Have you ever thought about a relaxing or romantic way to enjoy the sights of historic Downtown Memphis and the scenery of the mighty Mississippi. Experience the luxury and charm of a horse-drawn tour. All the thrill and excitement of yesteryear come to life as you leisurely enjoy some of Memphis’s most significant landmarks.

Elvis Presley’s Graceland – The official authorized website of Elvis Presley and Graceland

Hunt-Phelan Home – The Hunt-Phelan Home is one of the oldest, most historic homes in Memphis, Tennessee. The family played host to regional and national society figures, including Jefferson Davis, Nathan Bedford Forrest, and President Andrew Jackson. Occupied by Gen. U.S. Grant and Union soldiers during the Civil War, it survives as the last of the great Beale Street mansions. Restored to its original splendor, and with its exquisite furnishings and colorful history, the Hunt-Phelan Home offers a fascinating look at life in the American South before the turn of the century.

Memphis Belle – The Memphis Belle, World War II’s most famous B-17, is on permanent display at Mud Island. The Memphis Belle was the first U.S. bomber to complete 25 combat missions against enemy targets without a single loss of crew. Named for the pilot’s Memphis sweetheart, Margaret Polk, today the bomber continues to serve in its 26th mission – to let Americans know about the men and machines who fought WW II.

Memphis Botanic Garden – Committed to being one of the finest botanic gardens in the country. As a horticulture resource center with a regional focus, the Garden provides education and research opportunities, plant collections and displays, environmental leadership and high standards in garden design. The diversity of the Garden provides the community with a recreational and cultural asset of year-round beauty.

Memphis Queen Line Riverboats – The Memphis Queen Line Riverboats are the only riverboat excursion company in the Memphis area. Our season starts March 1st with sightseeing tours daily at 1pm.

memphis event guide

Memphis Family Fun

Bogey’s Golf and Family Entertainment Center – You’ll enjoy all that this family entertainment center has to offer including go-carts, bumper boats, batting cages, 36 holes of miniature golf, children’s rides, and a video arcade.

Celebration Station – You’ll find hours of entertainment with miniature golf, bumper boats, arcade games, and more.

Libertyland Amusement Park – Enjoy some good old-fashioned fun in this patriotic theme park which offers thrill rides, musical shows, shops, games, educational attractions, and kiddie rides.

Lichterman Nature Center – Discover the natural habitat of a 65-acre environmental educational facility and wildlife sanctuary.

Memphis Pink Palace Museum & Planetarium – An excellent outing for all ages, the museum features Mid-South regional history exhibitions, a life-sized dinosaur, and a first-rate planetarium.

Union Planters IMAX Theater – Located on the grounds of the Memphis Pink Palace Museum, the IMAX Theater features a screen ten times the size of “ordinary” movie theater screens.

Memphis Zoo – More than 400 species of animals are on view. Cat Country offers a free-roaming environment for its feline residents, and Primate Canyon offers a new look at the zoo’s apes and monkeys.

Laser Quest – Laser tag at its best. Whether you’re seven or 77, this game is for you! Great for corporate events, birthday parties, or any group gathering.

Putt-Putt Golf & Games – Kids of all ages love the variety of fun found at PUTT-PUTT which combines miniature golf, go-carts, and more.

Tennesse Travel Guides

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