The definitive documentary film on the dance style known as Memphis Jookin!

Watch the Award-Winning feature film, featuring top names in the Jookin world like lil Buck, Daniel Price (aka lil Daniel, DP), G Nerd, Dr. Rico, Ladia Yates, Tarrik Moore, Young Jai, Crunchy Black, Al Kapone, and other trailblazers of the Memphis Jookin style! Filmed and revised from 2008-2014.

There is a movement rising from the inner city streets of Memphis TN and taking the dance world by storm. Jookin, (aka gangsta walkin, buckin, choppin,) is an art form like none other, defying the laws of physics with freestyle movement and hip hop swag.

Born from the “gangsta” music and mindset of the Memphis club scene in the late 80’s, Jookin has evolved into an outlet for urban youth in a city that often leads the nation in violent crimes.

Get an inside look into the culture inspired by this style that has been hidden from the world for over 20 years, now making its way into the mainstream thanks to the efforts of the Udig Dance Academy and rising dance legends like Daniel Price, Dr Rico, G-Nerd, Ladia Yates and Lil Buck!

Filmed from 2009-2013 and Featuring commentary from Memphis celebrities Crunchy Black (3-6 Mafia), Al Kapone, Lil Wolf (G-style), Young Jai, and Tarrik Moore (Udig), Memphis Movement is sure to wow you, getting you up to speed on the life-changing value of this historic art form which hails from the Birthplace of Rock and roll and the home of the blues.

More info on Memphis Movement – Jookin: The Urban Ballet *FULL FILM*

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